Executive Leadership

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Executive Leaders are visionaries that fuel large-scale transformation. Hiring high-performing executives is critical for any organization to remain relevant and competitive in a constantly changing global market. Identifying and attracting this unique talent requires a thorough understanding of different industries, access to world-class Senior Executives and an impeccable evaluation. As a global resourcing partner, Mughal & Associates has a track record of successfully identifying C-level executives, key human capital and transformation leaders for the largest and most prestigious Fortune 500 companies, emerging middle-markets, private equity firms, and start-ups; earning us recognition as a “Top 25 Executive Search Firm.”

Our ongoing commitment to the success of our clients has enabled us to build a worldwide network of relationships with superior executives across all industries. We understand that organizations with outstanding leadership teams correlate to revenue growth, so we leverage our expertise, valuable insight and established network to give our clients a competitive advantage in hiring elite professionals that can impact their organization.

With deep insight into today’s business challenges and the qualities that define the most effective leaders, M&A provides a full range of tailored Searches for C-level Corporate Executives, Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and other Executive Leadership roles for industries such as Financial Services, Consumer & Industrial, Technology, Telecommunications, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Non-profit, Education, Private Equity, and Manufacturing; that help shape not only your organizations culture but the future of your business.

We only seek leaders that are highly experienced in their respective fields and are truly remarkable. Let Mughal & Associates provide you with access to exceptional talent that can adjust to the massive technological, competitive, and regulatory changes occurring in this dynamic global market.

Successful Placements

We've partnered with many extraordinary organizations around the world.

  • Chief Information Security Officer
    VP of Oracle Sales Cloud CRM
    Director of Financial Reporting
    Director, Insurance Risk Management
    Director of CRM
  • Chief Information Officer
    SVP of Organizational Strategy and Leadership (Position not yet filled)
    SVP/Online Sales
  • CTIO Bahamas
    Head of Commercial
    Head of TV Policy & Content Engineering
    Head of Power Engineering
    Head of IT Operations
  • VP of Internal Audit & Risk
    VP of BSS & CRM Solutions
    Chief Network Officer- Bahamas
    Chief Technology Officer-Bahamas
    Head of Fixed Broadband and Operations
  • VP of e­Retail Solutions
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer

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