Executive Office Administration

The core of your organization.


The best Executive Assistants immerse themselves in the businesses they work for and become invaluable assets to their organizations. They provide direct administrative support to the executive leadership team, assisting with strategic decision making, increasing productivity, and keeping your organization operating at peak capacity.

Our Executive Office Administration Search Division has worked closely with renowned business leaders for more than 20+ years, building partnerships with members of the Fortune 500, emerging middle-markets, private equity firms, and start-ups. So we understand the strong relationship that must exist between an effective Executive Leader and his or her EA.

At M&A, we believe that world-class Executive Assistants recognize the unspoken needs and characteristics of the individuals with whom they work for. As a result, we match unparalleled EA talent that embraces and supports your business culture. Our skilled Executive Assistants work infinitely in the details, serving as the gatekeepers that align Senior Executives with employees at all levels of the organization.

We’ve placed professional Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Office Managers, Administrative Assistants, and Corporate Receptionists, consistently delivering highly educated specialists that communicate effectively, provide high-level administrative support, and keep current with industry trends and technology. Simply put, the best administrative professionals are indispensable. Our team at M&A is ready to introduce you to your next remarkably talented EA, who will drive your organization’s success.

Successful Placements

We've partnered with many extraordinary organizations around the world.

  • Executive Administrative Assistant to VP of Sales
  • Executive Assistant to CEO, CFO, & CTIO
    Senior Executive Assistant to CEO, Business Solutions
  • Executive Administrative Assistant to VP
    Corporate Receptionist
    Special Servicing Administrator
  • Personal Executive Assistant to President/CEO
    Executive Assistant to Director of Human Resources
    Executive Assistant to VP of Accounting & Finance
    Senior Corporate Receptionist
  • Senior Executive Assistant to Chairman
    Senior Administrative Assistant to VP
  • Executive Administrative Assistant to VP & Chief Technology Officer
    Executive Assistant to VP of Communications
    Corporate Receptionist
  • Administrative Assistant to HR Director
    Corporate Receptionist
    Compliance Assistant
  • Executive Administrative Assistant to CEO
    Executive Administrative Assistant to Marketing Director

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